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Honourable Founder and CMD.

Mr. Vinod B. Patel Founder of Dhanvantary Healthcare (1998) and Dhanvantary Healthcare Direct Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a paragon example of entrepreneurial determination. He had started his journey form grass root level.

Born and brought up in village name Tikar (Dist.Morbi) at Saurastra region in Gujarat in 1971. After spending initial period of life at village he moved to Navsari in Gujarat for seeking the financial support to the family. Initially he had stated the trading of Herbal Medicine. After getting success in business he had established Dhanvantary Healthcare in 1998 with a capacity of herbal medicine manufacturing. Under his leadership company has spread their business pan India with a strong marketing and world class quality products.

Within some time Dhanvantary Healthcare became a prominent name in its business segment, but like every entrepreneur sticks to their dream he had started exporting herbal products in countries like USA, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. After spending years in this business he has added one more feather in the crown named Dhanvantary Direct Marketing Pvt. Ltd. The only dream behind this is to provide good quality of Herbal product to the people of India as well as employment opportunities to the young minds in the field of marketing. Mr. Patel has a strong vision throughout his life is....

“Health and Wealth in Your Hand”

MR. Ankit R. Arvadia
Managing Director.

Mr. Ankit Arvadia has eight years of experience in the field of Herbal Product’s Marketing and manufacturing. After completion of graduation in the pharmaceuticals he decided to join his family legacy. He joined Dhanvantary Healthcare in 2014. Since then company has witnessed consistent growth achieved the long term success and found opportunities with challenging time. Company has established more than one manufacturing units with world class manufacturing facility covering all quality control attributes.

Traditionally India has been as great source of Herbs and plant derived products. Being in this business he has shown a great potential in the natural products that has helped company to create diversified portfolios of products. His efforts have made Dhanvantary Healthcare a dedicated, flexible and efficient organization. In the recent times consumption of herbal and natural products has increased. So company has shifted his focus to provide solution to end users rather than just products. For this Ankit will head their new venture Dhanvantary Healthcare Direct Marketing Company to provide high valued herbal and natural products to people pan India.

Under His leadership whole team of Dhanvantary Healhcare Direct Marketing Company is working ruthlessly to provide products with high nutritional values. Company is planning to launch product in all therapeutic segment. He believes that the secret recipe to grow the business is quality products and timely delivery. So company is working with a motto that “Quality is not an act, It is a habit......”

MR. Kush Vinodbhai Arvadia
Executive Director.

Mr. Kush Vinodbhai Arvadia, is one of the youngest and dynamic industrialist among new generation in the India. He has always believed that growing together with customers, employees, shareholders and communities is the essence of being a good corporate citizen.

When he took over the operations of the company which is a moderately performing enterprise. It is his vision and farsightedness to pursue innovative approaches and optimise operational efficiencies . All this with view to providing 'total solutions' to all the stakeholders.

He is well decision maker to think about the long term and sustainability of the company to bring it economies of scale. He is a leader whose dynamic leadership took forward a step ahead to the company has excellence in concentration on resources , time and effort.

Present scenario of competition among the industrialist in Indian market leading by short and easiest way to be successful. But he is thinking is to establish a long term profitable organisation.

Come to get world class service.